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And It Came To Sass: The Most Correct Of Any Podcast On Earth

Mar 29, 2020

Good day, brothers and sisters. Hope y'all are staying safe. We have a new episode today to talk about Alma 31-32 today. Zoramites. Rameumptoms. And some gardening tips. Tune in.

End music by Jared Ray Gilmore

Mar 9, 2020

Part 2 to finish up Alma 29-30 today. We get to meet our first "anti-christ" in the Book of Mormon. But were his doubts resolved? Tune in to find out.

End music by Jared Ray Gilmore

Mar 8, 2020

Back for another ep. Talking about Ammon and his bros as they meet up with Alma after a 14-year mission and Alma's self-righteous soliloquy. Joining us this week is our friend the Star of Kolob. 

Stay tuned for part 2 as well.

End music by Jared...