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And It Came To Sass: The Most Correct Of Any Podcast On Earth

Sep 29, 2019

Your favorite amateur Book of Mormon "scholars" are back at it again. Mulok, Alma Junior (what a screw-up) and his merry band of apostates. Join us as we tackle the next block in our scripture study, mingled with humor.

Outro music by Jared...

Sep 15, 2019

PART 2!!!! We are joined and intimidated by Adam-God's helpmeet, Ribby, as she recounts her favorite female Book of Mormon heroes. Wait a minute...


end music by Jared Ray Gilmore

Sep 15, 2019

Part 1: Fair daughters? Collect 'em all! We discuss flocks of... ducks? gullible Lamanites, and Mormon God's petty faith tests.


Outro music by Jared Ray Gilmore